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Live music for all types of events.

El Grupo H (The H Group) is a musical band comprised by the Rivas Family - father, mother and their 3 children. 

The band offers live entertainment in a wide variety of musical genres for events of all occasions including:

- Weddings                       - Quinceañeras                      - Corporate events           

- Religious ceremonies         - Private parties and much more!

Your one-stop solution

El Grupo H is a versatile band with experience in many different genres. If you are looking for something outside of our repertoire, we are glad to prepare it for your special day.



Latin (no instruments)

10-piece orchestra (Latin)

Religious - "Ave Maria"



Meet the members of the band:


With over 20 years of professional experience, Harol, the father, is the director, arranger, composer, sound engineer, pianist and music producer of the group.


Helena, the mother, is the background vocalist, manager, graphic designer and executive producer of the family band.


Hellen, lead singer, and the eldest daughter, launched her artistic career at the age of 2. She is a musician, professional journalist, and educator.


Harold, drummer and percussionist of El Grupo H, middle son, plays more than 20 musical instruments with great skill and expertise.


Heily, the youngest of the family, is the bassist of The H Group and plays 12 musical instruments. She also sings and dances.

Throughout its many years of experience, El Grupo H has recorded 8 albums and has traveled around the world to deliver its music and positive message to many people. "Just a Little" is its most recent single.

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