Music and voice lessons
for children and adults.

Why Learn Music?

Learning to play an instrument:


♬ Stimulates the brain, improving functions like memory and abstract reasoning skills, which are essential for math and science.

♬ Strengthens bonds with others.

♬ Reduces stress and depression.

♬ Refines discipline and patience.



Types of Lessons​

♬ Private lessons

  •  1-hour or 1/2-hour

  • Just the student and teacher!

  • Instruments available: piano, guitar, electric bass, violin, drum set, trumpet, saxophone, xylophone, Latin percussion, and voice.

  • 1/2-hour lesson plan: $120​ per month.

  • 1-hour lesson plan: $190 per month.

♬ Introduction to Music

  • Private 1/2-hour lesson

  • Ages 2-4 explore different instruments, rhythms, and musical concepts!

  • Plans starting at $120​ per month.

Students learn at their own pace.

Instruction includes learning how to read music.

Our Students in Concert